Female Officers The Interrogation – Faceslapping

File Name: the_interrogation_faceslapping_cr_ms.mp4
Studio: sado-ladies
Featuring: Mistress Cloe, Miss Sarah
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 162 MiB
Duration: 7 min 24 s
Resolution: 1280×720 (16:9)

Unfortunately, the female officers are Mistress Cloe and Miss Sarah. Both ladies enters the hall, still dressed in skin tight camouflage battledresses and high heels. The remove the hood from his head and his first question is where he is but Miss Sarah answers that this is not important. Mistress Cloe asks him where the base of the rebells is but he said that he will keep that secret. Cloe smiles and gives him a hard faceslap. The ladies are so sure that he will speak when they are finnished.
And so the interrogation starts and that means salvos of hard faceslaps again and again. While one lady hold his head in the right position the other one uses both hands to slap his face so hard that it gets difficult for hm to breath. His head is shaking from one side to the other and although it is an interrogation both ladies have so much fun to hurt him..