Executing Men One By One with Ebony Princess Pandora

File: executing_men_one_by_one.mp4
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Duration: 12 min 55 s
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Audio: Language:, 48.0 kHz, AAC LC, 2 ch, ~317 kb/s

In the ongoing battle against men and women, male soldiers foolishly attempt to eliminate each female they come across. It’s so funny that they think they can win. I, Princess Pandora, am leading the battle against men. I k*ll men just for the thrill… and today something special is happening. I’ve finally snuck into the headquarters where the male soldiers strategize their battles against their enemies. Unfortunately, three men intrude and I obviously have to execute each one that comes my way. They don’t even see it coming! I take my time with the first guard and bust his balls until they are shriveled up and he’s [email protected] on the ground. The second is murder3d by being crushed by my thighs. The third weak little bitch is suffocated by my ass and the sweet scent of my pussy. None of them could survive, even if they try fighting back. I just find my way to ruthlessly end all of their lives like they mean nothing to me. After all, they’re just men! And there’s plenty more where that came from!!!

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