Dangling, Office Ballbusting POV

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Custom with the name Nick used. I call you into my office to discuss your internet browsing history on company computers and time. I read off the names of the clip searches you’ve been performing while on the clock; Dangling, Office Ballbusting, Cum in Pants Foot Jobs, etc. I place my feet on the desk to test your response and decide that it is time to come up with a plan of action for your future role in this company. To address your violation of the office employee handbook I will address your employee re-habilitaion myself by re-conditioning you to re-enter the workforce. Every meeting we have from now on, my soles will be right on the table in front of you, in hopes to de-sensitize you to their sexuality. Weekly, you’ll lay in a cock box under my desk and I will stomp, crush, and slap your little biscuits under my soles while I work on my end of day tasks. This is the offer, you can take it or leave it, but if you refuse you will leave with no pension, no insurance benefits and no 401k. Now pull your pants down and dangle your grapes over the edge of your chair so I can crush them under my toes. You involuntarily cum from the sight of the suddle soles movements of my foot that is still on the desk and I make you walk back through the office with a wet spot in your slacks. Good talk!

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