Convention Puppy Casting bondageliberation

In May of 2018 I traveled along with some friends to BoundCon, a long-standing bondage convention in Germany. This was my fifth time attending as a guest of the convention. This year was different in that I had my own booth where I hosted my friends – Steelwerks, Kino Payne, Strange Hobbies, AliceinBondageland and more 🙂 Along with participating in many conventaion-related events, I was responsible for putting on a bondage show (that I will show you all some day) and smaller demos at the booth. This is all to say that BoundCon can be overwhelming for me! In this video, AliceinBondageland and I assist Strange Hobbies in casting himself, as he has much experience with casting. Thankfully both his legs and arms were to be casted into a puppy position, and so he eventually allowed me to take over! 🙂 Casting his head was so much fun! I think I did a pretty good job on the head specifically. Alice and I toyed with Hobbies’s vulnerable position. He giggles a lot. At some point I handed the reins of the fully-casted Hobbies over to Alice and she walked him around the convention floor, stopping here and there to play. Watch as I take a cast saw to Hobbies’s head at the end

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