Cocksucker For RENT – Placing The Ad

File Name: cocksucker_for_rent_cr_ms.mp4
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Duration: 6 min 36 s
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I am always trying to find uses for My slaves. Uses that amuse & profit ME. Because if you haven’t figured it out by now, that is how I see you “slave people”- you are subhuman, inferior pieces of garbage for hot girls like ME to use, abuse, exploit, degrade, walk all over, and PROFIT FROM. It is perfect, when you think about it…I KNOW I am superior and here to be WORSHIPPED- and YOU losers know you are unworthy of ME and that you are here to be USED by people like ME to make MY life better! No matter how degrading, humiliating, or painful…all that matters is MY happiness! You need to sacrifice EVERYTHING- including your PRIDE! (Although this fucking slave is going to be swallowing alot more than THAT! LOL!)
That’s because I have decided that IT is going to be put up on Craigzlist to be USED by ANY gay guy that wants his dick sucked in one of My upcoming videos! HAHAHA!!!! And in this “Part 1” I am simply sitting on My throne while I casually explain to My slave what I am going to use it for. It does NOT want to suck cock. But it knows I will get rid of it if it doesn’t…and it is DESPERATE to serve Me! LOL! So it’s only choice is to kneel there on the end of My leash like a good little bitch while I put the ad up on CL. And it’s so funny to Me…putting this fucking piece of scum up on craigzlist to suck cock means no more to Me than putting a used bicycle or something to sell on craigslist…its just an object that I OWN and I can do whatever I WANT with it…