Biggest Fetish for Goddess Vivienne l’Amour

To be owned by the Goddess Vivienne l’Amour is a great honour for any slave. To symbolize his new status John, who got a slave’s name Dog, should wear a collar. But, why there is nothing on his neck? Now, absolutely naked and covered with different marks he waits for his mistress. John lies face up on a bench with chained hands. Tremble, retribution is near! Vivienne comes in, today she wears a black leather outfit, amazing see-through top and high heels.
Slave Dog builds a studio for his British Domme, work is in full swing, so mistress proud of him. But he disappointed her so much! The collar should be on the neck, not in the bag! The lady is fair. A slave must be rewarded for his achievement, but at the same time, he must be punished for his misconduct.
Vivienne l’Amour found out, that her naughty slave doesn’t smoke, but he likes cigarette smoke. It is his biggest fetish. Mistress allows him to sniff her leather trousers while she sits on his face and burns his chest. Goddess kindly put her jacket like a leather pillow under Dog’s head. He doesn’t forget to thank her, good boy! Mistress noticed John’s cock becomes harder, so she starts to stroke it and exhales smoke to the dick. And, at the moment of pleasure, Vivienne l’Amour decides to start the punishment.
Yes, he is naughty, there’s nobody to blame but him. So she will give him enough of hard flogging. It is not just a cheap toy in the hands of vanilla pair that wants to try ‘like Anastasia and Christian. No no no, it is a terrifying tool in the skillful hands of the lady! How the slave screams! Yes, Dog, it was your fault, so you should get some pain before moving on to the sweet reward

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