Barefoot Natasha Flade Handgagged

Natasha Flade was in the bedroom snorting something suspicious, looking hot in her little shorts and tank top and barefoot. Chloe Night comes in looking for the little baggie of coke she had left on her own nightstand. Natasha denies any wrongdoing and acts ignorant and innocent. Chloe believes she sees what really happened. She grabs Natasha and handgags her to keep her quiet, but Natasha tries to fight her off. This is a really great and long handgagging scene! Chloe manages to pin Natasha’s arms behind her back, grabs some rope and ties Natasha’s hands behind her.
Then Chloe forces Natasha to the floor and ties up her bare feet (great closeups of her soles!), then ropes her sexy roomie into a tight hogtie! Natasha is still loudly denying everything so Chloe gags her with a thin knotted cleave gag. Natasha Flade is on the floor hogtied barefoot and cleave-gagged! And not too happy.
Natasha struggles about as Chloe looks for her missing blow. Not finding it, Chloe comes back and strips Natasha naked, pulling up her tank top and ripping down her shorts and panties. Now poor Natasha is hogtied nude! Chloe cannot find her stuff, so she makes a call to have someone come over and fuck her helpless tied up roommate for more than enough money to replace the missing blow. That certain someone comes in at the end and fondles and gropes Natasha while keeping her handgagged the whole time to stop her screams. Then he starts unzipping his pants…

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