Barbarously beaten my slave in Plastic Wrap Paddling

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Bound beneath me and barbarically beaten.
I have my slave encased in tight plastic wrap bondage as I stand over him in my skimpy latex bikini and stockings. My thigh high boot heels barely grazing the side of his hooded face as he lies in wait of what is to come.
He knows he will suffer for me today. I want to feel his pain, I want to connect with his struggle. Straddling over him, he feels my full weight bearing down on his back. No escape. Trapped beneath my power, any slight shift in his body will be felt and dealt with immediately.
A selection of three harsh leather paddles adorn my hand, ready to reign down on his exposed ass. Each in turn will deliver blow after blow of heavy, thuddy pain in a merciless beating. A beating to satisfy my sadistic nature; to show him his place; to mark him as my property.

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