AstroDomina, Little Mina and Katrina Jade in Bad For Business part 1-2-3 – Astrodomina Production

File: bad_for_business_part_1_2_3_astrodomina.mp4
Size: 1.08 GiB
Duration: 46 min 14 s
Format: MPEG-4
Video: AVC 1920×1080 (16:9), 29.935 FPS, ~3 205 kb/s avg, 0.052 bit/pixel
Audio: Language: , 44.1 kHz, AAC LC, 2 ch, ~128 kb/s

By popular demand, I have included all 4 installments of “Bad For Business” in one large download. You can check out previews by clicking on the links below to the individual videos. This compilation is 720p, the individual videos are all 1080p.
Part 1
Little Mina is in a bit of a predicament. She’s bound with a chest harness and some crotch rope. Her mouth is covered in tape. Sydney is trying to explain that Mina better cooperate because the place she’s going next might not be as nice to her. She hasn’t really made up her mind yet. Maybe she’ll sell Mina. Maybe she’ll use her as a sex slave for a while. So many options. Then, a sudden knock on the door. Sydney’s nemesis Katrina Jade discovered where Sydney was hiding and is now here to take revenge. She overpowers Sydney and gets her all tied up and gagged as well. And her intentions are to take advantage of both tied up ladies. How the tables have turned. Sydney went from top to bottom in no time. Katrina Jade checks all the ties, plays with the girls, gropes them and taunts them. She seems excited to have some play time with the girls and Sydney gets to go first.
Part 2
After playing with the girls for a while, Katrina Jade has both of them tied up on their knees, bound and gagged again with nowhere to go. Katrina Jade walks over to Sydney and pulls her boobs out of the see through bra she’s wearing. Taking turns between Mina and Sydney, she uses her riding crop to tease and taunt the girls. All they can do is mumble and gag talk as they get groped and played with by their captor.
Part 3
The tables have turned. Sydney is now in charge and has both Little Mina and Katrina Jade on the bed. She’s putting the finishing touches on Katrina Jade’s bondage. Sydney is excited about having two girl to offer to the slavers. Especially two beautiful specimen like Katrina Jade and Mina. All the two ladies can do is mumble and watch Sydney immobilize both and add a lot more rope bondage to her victims. Katrina Jade gets an extra crotch rope and Little Mina also gets more rope to make sure she can’t go anywhere.