A Ballbusting Relaxing Session with Mutiny

File Name: ballbusting_session_with_mutiny_cr_ms
Studio: BallbustinFootLovin
Featuring: Mutiny, Bryan Balldacious
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 395 MiB
Duration: 13 min 36 s
Resolution: 1280×720 (16:9)

An embarrassed man goes in for a session with Mutiny. He is so ashamed of his fetish that he can’t even tell her why he came to see her.
Mutiny tries to get him to relax and tell her his fetish and why he came to see her, but he just keeps stumbling over his words, looking at the ground and acting like a shameful looser.
Mutiny tells him that if he doesn’t tell her, she will make him take part in her favorite fetish. He asks her what her favorite fetish is and she tells him to stand up and spread his legs. So he does and she knees him square in his balls! Down he goes and flabbergasted by the attack on his manhood, he asks in astonishment, “that’s the fetish you like?” Mutiny responds “That;s what I LOVE!”
Mutiny kicks, knees and punches his balls until he finally tells her his fetish, but by this time she is already getting hot and bothered and no longer cares about his fetish, all she wants to do is bust his balls for her own pleasure.